Meaning of polymerization inhibitor 510

time:2021-08-04      hit:1495

  Polymerization inhibitor 510, chemical name: tris (n-nitroso-n-phenylhydroamine) aluminum salt. It is a high-efficiency polymerization inhibitor for UV products, which is used to prevent the self polymerization reaction of UV coatings and UV inks during the storage of formula and prolong the storage time of UV formula. This product is suitable for UV ink, UV coating, UV adhesive, photoresist, unsaturated polyester resin, vinyl monomer and acrylate oligomer.

  Because UV curable coatings, UV curable inks and UV curable adhesives are UV curable materials with high polymerization activity, its main components are acrylate with high polymerization activity, and its main components are photoinitiators, which are easy to produce free radicals or cations. In such a mixed system, polymerization is easy to occur due to the influence of external light and heat. Therefore, an appropriate amount of polymerization inhibitor 510 must be added.