The head of the all-china women's federation (acwf) has

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On July 10, the children's department of the national women's federation (acwf), accompanied by the head of the women's federation of the provincial and municipal counties, visited zhejiang shuangfei oil-free bearing co., ltd. to guide family education. The company has incorporated the work of education into the core category of corporate culture. Enterprises and parents school of enterprises in 2012, with the village and school building ways to carry out various activities. At the same time, the company is implementing the 15-minute micro-class at the moment of the meeting. Using enterprise department round-table dinner way, video sharing tutoring case between meals, and seats card form tutor is caused in the grass-roots story topic, to establish the platform of family education, growing together with their children. Zhang family education work of threesome company is satisfied, and put forward valuable Suggestions, hoping to micro classroom also increases audio-visual facilities in the workshop, in order to more easily way of family education to grass-roots staff in the coffee. The county women's federation is also recommended to compile the education stories on the company's mat card into pocket books and transmit the correct family education concept to all parts of the country.

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