Polymerization inhibitor 510

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  Polymerization inhibitor 510, chemical name: tris (N-nitroso-N-phenylhydroamine) aluminum salt. It is a high-efficiency polymerization inhibitor for UV products. The polymerization inhibitor is an industrial auxiliary. It is usually used to prevent polymerization from proceeding. The polymerization inhibitor molecules react with chain free radicals to form non-radical substances or low activity that cannot be initiated. Free radicals, thereby terminating the polymerization. The inhibitors and polymerization inhibitors that can be used in UV formula products are better than traditional commonly used inhibitors such as hydroquinone and p-methoxyphenol. They can be used to extend the storage time of olefin resins and are suitable for UV inks and UV coatings. , UV adhesives, photoresists, unsaturated polyester resins, vinyl monomers and acrylate oligomers, etc., are widely used.

  Because photocurable coatings, photocurable inks and photocurable adhesives are photocurable materials with high polymerization activity, its main components are reactive diluents and oligomers are acrylic esters with high polymerization activity, and the other main component is photoinitiated Agents are substances that easily generate free radicals or cations. In such a mixed system, polymerization is likely to occur due to the influence of external light, heat, etc., for this reason, an appropriate amount of polymerization inhibitor 510 must be added.