Polymerization inhibitor 510 for UV coatings

time:2021-08-30      hit:1513

Product name: Polymerization inhibitor 510

Product introduction: Polymerization inhibitor 510 is a polymerization inhibitor for UV formulation system. Its main function is to prevent the self-polymerization of UV ink and coating formulations during storage, thereby prolonging the storage time of UV formulations.

Molecular formula: C18H15ALN606

Molecular weight: 438.33


Appearance: off-white powder

Purity (%): greater than or equal to 99.0 (HPLC)

Uses: Polymerization inhibitor 510 is suitable for UV inks, UV coatings, UV adhesives, photoresists, as well as unsaturated polyester resins, vinyl monomers and acrylate oligomers.

Specification: 20 kg/cardboard drum; small package: 1 kg/bag.